The team from Southsea Sub-Aqua Club, a BSAC branch, will be looking for a Landing Craft Tank (LCT) that sank on 6 June 1944, while carrying tanks and bulldozers bound for northern Frances Juno Beach as part of the D-Day Landings.

They will dive for five days beginning on 6 August, weather permitting.

The dives will be a continuation of a project begun last year when the Southsea divers surveyed a known site where two tanks, two bulldozers and a field gun lie in a jumbled heap at a depth of 20m, eight miles out into Bracklesham Bay.

From photos and video taken, experts at Bovingtons Tank Museum identified the finds as D-Day armoury - Centaur CS IV tanks and Caterpillar bulldozers adapted with thicker armour.

It had been thought that the machines had fallen from a section of Mulberry Harbour Bridge being towed over to France, but research by Southsea SAC suggested otherwise.

It uncovered diaries of the 2nd Royal Marines Armoured Support Group stating that two Centaurs were lost from an LCT that turned back from the Channel crossing after suffering engine trouble.

And a Naval War Diary recorded that the LCT later sank after taking on too much water while under tow, crew and marines being taken off safely.

So now the hunt is on for the LCT. The team has, it says, identified a number of potential wreck sites to investigate. It will also investigate some D-Day supply barges that also lie in the area.

The project has received a grant from the British Sub Aqua Jubilee Trust. It is supported by Portlands Silent Planet which, as last year, will provide its dive boat Top Gun for the duration of the survey.

Southsea SAC would appreciate any information about D-Day activities in the Bracklesham Bay area. Email to